Special Legal Note - 06/2011

Bridgestone has recently been made aware that certain individuals and companies have claimed to represent Bridgestone while using Bridgestone's name and past experience to enter into project partnerships, and to bid on international projects.  The apparent purpose of this illegal activity is to obtain fees and expenses from the other project participants.  This has been done without the approval or permission of Bridgestone.

To avoid any possible recurrence of this illegal activity, if you have been contacted by anyone claiming to represent Bridgestone, if in any doubt, prior to entering into any agreement, partnership agreement or project bid, please contact Bridgestone at or +1-610-388-6191.

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Energy Currents

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Energy Management

With the awareness of energy costs becoming more prevalent in production and facility design decisions, and the increasing competitive procurement options for energy, the ability to manage energy use and costs has become an increasingly important part of day-to-day business management.  With deregulation of energy markets and the entrance of multiple suppliers and services providers, the potential for billing and supply errors has increased dramatically.  As a result, verification of supplier performance, measured use and costs of supply has become a more critical day-to-day management activity.


Bridgestone Associates, Ltd. provides a full range of services related to the management of energy. 

These services include:

  • Assembly and organization of energy use data
  • Verification of correct tariff application and bill calculation methodologies
  • Verification of supply contract performance
  • Analysis of unexpected costs such as balancing penalties, power factor penalties and demand ratchets
  • Energy use and cost data analysis on a facility-by-facility, utility-by-utility, or other basis
  • Preparation of, and discussion on management reports on utilities uses and costs
  • Routine analysis and reporting of costs and energy utilization
  • Design and implementation of hardware and software systems to monitor, track, control and manage energy
  • Real-time and near real-time monitoring of energy use and utilization

The energy management services provided by Bridgestone Associates can be designed to support, supplement or replace in-house energy management personnel.


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